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Fee Breakdown

GBYLA Base Fee Includes:

  • Game Officials
  • Certified Athletic Trainers (14U and High School)
  • Coach spring season starter equipment kit
  • Coach education (US Lacrosse Certification)
  • League operations, registration/website, D&O, storage
  • Field expense
  • Tournament Expense (Alabama Lacrosse Championship & Jamborees)

Community Add On Fee Includes (Add on fees differ based on the budgetary needs of each particular community/program)

  • Coach Background Checks
  • Field expenses (usage fees, lights, paint, etc)
  • Equipment (goals, balls, etc)

Fees DO NOT Include:

  • Required equipment to play for boys & girls (see below for breakdown of required equipment)
  • Uniforms (varies based on your local community lacrosse program and/or high school programs)
  • US Lacrosse Membership (required for participation in any GBYLA program)

Refund Policy

NO refunds will be issued after FEBRUARY 1ST.  Refunds issued prior to the deadline of February 1st will incur a 6% cancelation fee of the total registration cost paid at time of registration.


Scholarship and Financial Aid  

We assist families with short-term financial needs such as an unexpected loss of employment or a temporary medical condition that creates financial hardship. Grants will be made at the discretion of the club leadership and subject to available supplementary club funding. Financial assistance is provided in the form of required fee subsidies. The amount of the subsidy is determined by the Trussville Lacrosse Board. All information furnished to the Trussville Lacrosse Board is held and reviewed in the strictest confidence. A financial aid award once granted, will be renewed in subsequent seasons only with an updated request. You must reapply for assistance eash season. Trussville Lacrosse allocated available funds based on relative financial need of each applicant, without regard to race, religion, cultural affiliation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws.


Click the link below to fill out the form you need to be considered for financial aid with Trussville Lacrosse.